So Here We Go!

The reason I am starting this blog is to learn. I am also attempting to get more involved with twitter, again, to  learn. I’m not really sure what technical topics I can write about, but hell if I’m going to write about something I better know a decent amount about it, hence the learning aspect. Thanks Brent Ozar for that hint!

I grew up in IT doing desktop support as most of us do. I did that for nearly 4 years…I think. I then started working with Lotus Domino, which evolved into Exchange 2007 (what a migration!) while working with email I got to touch and learn a lot of cool technology like SharePoint, Office Communicator, Enterprise vault, and BES along with basic system administration. But alas, I was growing board, and didn’t see myself going anywhere in Exchange. Then, BOOM! a new position opens up, with the chance to put me way out of my comfort zone..and would provide me with an excellent learning opportunity, enter SQL.

So over the past few months I have been trying to learn the lay of the land. And wow, what can I say, the user community is very impressive.  I’ve been starting to follow people like Brent Ozar and SQLChicken in a very non-stalkerish sort of way…trust me! They have amazing sites that lend a plethora of information. So here I am. My first blog post, oh and here is my twitter page brentk81. Wish me luck!


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