Planting the seed, Mr. Johnny Appleseed.

As most of my readers know…wait I think I only have one, thanks SQLGator! I recently switched jobs. A long-time friend of mine has wanted to get back into the technical arena for some time now, after being in management for the past several years.  Can we really blame him for wanting to get out of management? The only problem was he just didn’t have that much technical experience, smart guy, just lacked the experience. Lucky for him, he worked for an employer that was more than willing to take chances on people in new positions. With that being said, he had to make it known that he was interested, talk to the right people (His boss, other supervisors) and do what we called, plant the seed.  Plant the little thought, so that when the head-honcho was sitting at home, thinking about whom he could get to fill a position. POP! His name would auto-magically come to mind. Planting the right seeds at the right time, the right people will know you are on the “Open Market”.

Today, I received at text message, telling me that the two positions he had been vying for had just been filled by internal employees. Probably by people less qualified than he. Unfortunately he failed, over much debate, and thought, to plant the seeds required to be considered for these positions. The right people never knew he was even looking and hence never even considered.

Moral of the story? Make your boss aware of your career plans and goals. Plant the seed!


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