Back on the Internet Baby!

First! I finally got the ‘interwebs’ at my new place in Jacksonville. I went about a week and a half without TV or Internet, phew that was rough…but not all bad, it just gave me the time to read more SQL books! This first post is about two weeks old, and will be my first post in a series of catch-up posts.

Another long week comes to an end. I’m sitting on a plane while writing this blog post, flying from Minnesota to Atlanta, then finally home to Jacksonville. With another disaster recovery test under my belt, I’m gaining more and more confidence in my abilities. This time I was able to meet my entire DBA team in Minnesota, it was great to finally put names with faces. I was finally able to get my hands on our replication schemes and get some good QA time in with the more Senior DBAs. I also greatly enjoyed being able to interact with the other DBAs on a more personal level.  I was also able to meet most of the Server, SAN, and development teams.  Project Managers, and Business Analysts, everyone that goes into a successful DR practice. Everyone from every team involved put in many long hours; it was a great experience, and an overall success. I’m greatly looking forward to our next exercise in February.


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