Getting My Training On!

This year has started off a little slow with personal development. I’ve been doing a lot more traveling with my new job that I originally did not anticipate, plus I’m still getting acclimated to my new city of Jacksonville, but I digress, enough with the excuses. So to jump back on the wagon, I recently signed up for two training opportunities in my area. The first being the SQL Server 2012 Special Ops Tour and the second being the PreCon  at SQL Saturday #130 with the one and only Kevin Kline [Twitter| Blog]. The Special Ops Tour is *FREE* so there is no way I could pass that up, and the PreCon is a *CHEAP* 99 bucks with the early bird, small potatoes when you consider the plethora of knowledge that you will walk away with after a full day of training. Not to mention the SQL Saturday event the following day!

I have yet to make it to a Jacksonville User Group [JSSUG ] meeting, but I’m looking to go to my first one tomorrow. Bradley Ball [Twitter | Blog] is presenting on…. Errrrr….Scratch that it appears there has been a change! Mike Davis [Twitter | Blog] who I am now following, is now presenting on New SSIS Features of 2012…#Sweet!



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