The DBA Formally Known as @Brentk81

Changing my Twitter handle has been in the back of my mind for some time now. brentk81 just didn’t have the charm, pizazz or descriptiveness I was looking for. In addition to the fact that my blog goes by the name of, I almost felt as if I had two separate personas I was trying to manage. One being this guy named Brent, trying to tweet about quasi relevant stuff, and the other being SQLRook, where I try my best to blog about SQL Server. But ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I’ve had it! I can’t take this much disorganization in my life! [JK] But still it was annoying. So I took the plunge breaking all the twitter rules of changing my handle name. I risked being ostracized by my piers…I risked it all for the glory of a name! And well, it was pretty unassuming, and it just made sense to have my Twitter account and Blog be known by the same name. Only one person on twitter even noticed… Jes Schultz Borland [Twitter | Blog], Thanks Jes! Oh, and I changed my pic…just keeping you folks on your toes!



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