Welp a little about me…I’ve been involved with SQL Server for a little over a year now. Up until then, I was a bit of an IT roamer. I was looking for something I could really sink my teeth into, a niche. I started out my IT career as a sort of jack of all trades/PC Tech. I got this job while still in college, it really opened my eyes to the world of IT, and spent 3 great years with the company. I realized that if I wanted to further my career, I needed a change, So I took a few steps back, in order ultimately to take a few giant leaps forward in my career. I took a job with a larger company, but on their Help Desk, my goodness, did I hate that job! But I knew it was a foot in the door with a better organization, plus it payed better which is always nice! The help desk was short lived, as I moved into a desktop support role for about 1.5 years, I guess I made a positive impressions on the right people, and was able to move into my first System Administration job as an Exchange Admin. To be specific, I started out learning Lotus Notes/Domino, and was apart of a team responsible for migrating our organizations mail system to Exchange 2007. A set of circumstances, opened up a hybrid System Admin/SQL Admin position. I wasn’t finding my groove with Exchange, and was honestly looking for a change. Timing is everything as they say. The position was riddled with issues, which scared off a lot of internal applicants. It was also attached to supporting the companies flagship web application, which also scared off a lot of people. I am always up for new challenges, so I threw my name into the pot of applicants, interviewed and got the position. Enter SQL. I had the great fortune to be working side by side with a really awesome System Admin, who really showed me the ropes. I was able to learn a ton about web applications, VMWare, system administration, and a pinch of Citrix. But I really found my calling with SQL.

I’m a bit tired now, and will finish updating my ‘About Me’ page at a later time! Cheerio!


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